Oct 28

Loving my new book – Superfood smoothies by Julie Morris (no relation haha)


  I’ve got quite a collection of superfood books.. many of which are for meals and a few juice books… so when I saw Superfood Smoothies I just had to add it to my collection as soon as possible! Finally it’s arrived and it doesn’t disappoint!   The first couple of pages explain the basics of smoothies… as everything …

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Oct 20

Healthy picnic ideas.. try this delicious leek and courgette omelette!

  Today we are going on a picnic and we decided to try and avoid the usual sandwiches so I thought I would make a delicious omelette with some odd things I had lying around the fridge… mainly a leek and a courgette!   Ingredients (Serves 4 – 5) (prep and cooking time – 20 …

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Oct 03

Healthy breakfast ideas – Tomato on toast the Spanish way!

  Sometimes breakfast can be so monotonous… porridge with fruits, porridge with seeds, muesli, fruit, eggs, toast with marmalade, toast with peanut butter… whatever it is, it needs to be easy and quick… especially in my house.. so here’s another idea for you… Tomato on toast the Spanish way!   Ingredients (Serves 1 – double …

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Sep 22

Hot chocolate made with raw cacao shells – guilt-free and good for you too!


  Last weekend we went to the Luna de Mora festival in Guaro which is held annually in September in Andalucía. I love it as all the streets are lit with candles and there are rows of artisan stalls with beautiful hand-made crafts and unique foods.. I always leave with the food items of course! …

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Sep 13

Chocolate chia smoothie

  Supershakes don’t have to be over-complicated… in fact some of my favourite drinks are actually quite simple to make and they are still packed with healing nutrients… take this for example.. simply shake/ blend and serve.   Ingredients: Serves 1 1/2 pint soy milk 1 tbsp. chia seeds 1 tbsp. baobab powder 1 tsp. raw cacoa powder …

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Aug 19

Real baobab juice how the locals make it with fresh orange juice and lime.. a natural medicine

Apologies for not having updated my blog in a while but I’ve been sunning myself on the “smiling coast” of Gambia in West Africa and what a fabulous place!.. such friendly people… I would love to tell you more but this is a superfood blog after all so let me tell you about the amazing tree “Baobab” instead, …

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Jul 29

Feeling a bit under the weather – try boosting your immune system with a nutrient-rich drink

  Whenever I am feeling sick, I always make a point of drinking super-shakes as are they are full of nutrients which should help my body to fight off illnesses faster.. let’s face it.. anything is worth a try when you are feeling a bit under the weather!   This super-shake is full of essential vitamins and minerals …

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Jul 12

Super-shakes – Try this smoothie with orange juice, baobab fruit, bee pollen and greek yogurt for vitamin C and immune system – get rid of your cold faster!

  Colds are so inconvenient!  Who has time to stay at home to recover these days???  Luckily I don’t have them often and it will probably only last a couple of days… especially if I keep dosing myself with Vitamin C and superfoods to boost my immune system.. that’s why I am making a nutrient-rich …

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Jul 07

Easy home-made pesto with fresh basil from the garden, almonds and mixed seeds

  It happens to us all… no food in the fridge and no idea what to cook… today is one of those days!  Luckily I always have some stock in the pantry and my trusty herb plants in the garden… so today is a great day to cut down my basil plant and make a …

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Jun 30

New products – Miracle Matcha – blend of white tea matcha, flax seed, chia seed and goji berries

  I’m always on the lookout for new healthy natural food supplements and I recently came across Miracle Matcha. I like it as it is extremely versatile and tastes quite nice, which is a relief as many superfood powders taste horrible and are difficult to include in your diet for that reason.   The main …

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