Jul 29

Feeling a bit under the weather – try boosting your immune system with a nutrient-rich drink

  Whenever I am feeling sick, I always make a point of drinking super-shakes as are they are full of nutrients which should help my body to fight off illnesses faster.. let’s face it.. anything is worth a try when you are feeling a bit under the weather!   This super-shake is full of essential vitamins and minerals …

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Jul 12

Super-shakes – Try this smoothie with orange juice, baobab fruit, bee pollen and greek yogurt for vitamin C and immune system – get rid of your cold faster!

  Colds are so inconvenient!  Who has time to stay at home to recover these days???  Luckily I don’t have them often and it will probably only last a couple of days… especially if I keep dosing myself with Vitamin C and superfoods to boost my immune system.. that’s why I am making a nutrient-rich …

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Jul 07

Easy home-made pesto with fresh basil from the garden, almonds and mixed seeds

  It happens to us all… no food in the fridge and no idea what to cook… today is one of those days!  Luckily I always have some stock in the pantry and my trusty herb plants in the garden… so today is a great day to cut down my basil plant and make a …

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Jun 30

New products – Miracle Matcha – blend of white tea matcha, flax seed, chia seed and goji berries

  I’m always on the lookout for new healthy natural food supplements and I recently came across Miracle Matcha. I like it as it is extremely versatile and tastes quite nice, which is a relief as many superfood powders taste horrible and are difficult to include in your diet for that reason.   The main …

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Jun 25

Supershakes – 4 berry juice with chia seeds – goji, blueberry, strawberry and acai

  Today I am testing out a new idea with a few superfoods from Detox Your World…. Chia seeds, acai berry powder and goji berries with a handful of strawberries and blueberries mixed with filtered water.. it tastes pretty good… juicy and sweet and smooth to drink! The great thing about using a mix of soft fruits …

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Jun 13

Supersnacks – Green oat muffins (egg free)- don’t let the colour put you off as they taste delicious and are packed full of healing nutrients!

  This is the first time I’ve made green muffins. They’re made in a similar way to maca banana oat muffins and I have to admit the colour messes with your mind as you wonder if they will taste like vegetables or similar… actually the colour doesn’t have any affect on the taste as they taste sweet and delicious with …

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Jun 06

Keep up to date with new posts by joining my facebook page

  Facebook is a great way to stay connected and share information with other readers so make sure you like my page to keep up to date with the latest updates.   Regarding sharing information… I received an email last week that I couldn’t answer so if anyone can help please get in touch… does anyone …

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Jun 01

Supershakes – highly nutritious drinks. This one is great to drink for breakfast when you’re on the go!

  I was running late the other day and had absolutely no time to sit down and eat breakfast so I was happy when I remembered I’d washed and frozen some strawberries a couple of days earlier so I could prepare a delicious breakfast supershake!   If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that supershakes are made from a …

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May 20

Supershakes – try this highly nutritious cleansing juice for all round health with added beetroot powder

  It’s been a while since I wrote because I’ve been getting married so apologies for that as I’ve been very busy planning my wedding.. the great news is now I have loads of free time so you will be seeing lots of updates and lots of new interesting recipes so watch this space… First of all …

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Mar 11

Finally I’ve found a home-made green juice that tastes good!

IMG_1596 copy

  I finally found a green juice that tastes good!!!   This recipe is really easy and the reason I think it tastes much better than some of the other green juices I have tasted is because I added the lucuma powder which is a natural sweetener often called a powerfood.  If you haven’t heard of powerfoods yet, click on …

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