5 Smoothie Recipes for Weight Gain

While most people are fighting to reduce their excess weight, some may suffer from lack of weight. It is not necessarily that someone eats unhealthy food stuff just to gain extra weight. In most cases, a person becomes underweight due to unhealthy consumption diet. Little diet to our bodies makes them fall short of essential substances. In the modern world, numerous people do not have the necessary time to take a properly balanced diet. The issue with gaining weight mostly occurs to persons who engage in athletics and strive to have a sporty look. Overdoing it results in problems with adding weight. Currently, all issues with lack of weight can be fixed entirely with exceptional smoothies for adding weight.

For one to add weight, it usually needs one to consume extra calories than our body needs every day. The extra energy will thereby help one to add weight to your body. However, if one is very active and trying to add extra weight, it can be challenging to get all consumed calories from the meal without feeling full. Smoothies provide a solution to all these, and smoothies do not make one full as solid food do. Here are some of the smoothie recipe that one needs to gain weight.

Addition of Protein to Your Smoothie

Fruit is commonly short of proteins. For instance, a small cup of pineapples contains just a gram of proteins. Therefore, it is essential for one to add protein-rich substances to fruit smoothies for you to gain weight. One requires protein along with strength training workout routine to add new muscles. It therefore evident that consuming a protein-added fruit smoothie enables one to add extra weight. If you do workouts, you will only require about 0.8 grams of proteins from your meals for every pound of body weight. This is close to 108 grams for a person weighing a 135 pounds. Also, using soymilk or milk in fruit smoothies offers 7 to 9 grams of protein in a cup. A cup of mango or large banana also adds about 1.5 grams. Other substances that can boost calories in our bodies include protein powder like whey, milk powder, soy, casein, among other protein blends. It is necessary to examine the label to know the exact amount that one should consume.

Using the Vegan Fat Shake

Smoothies are remarkably delicious, and this one is not an exemption. The smoothie offers between 800 and 1000 calories. It helps one to gain weight fast and at the same time supply you with the essential nutrients to your body. This smoothie can be prepared by;

  • Two Unsweetened or plain cups of soy milk
  • One tablespoon of olive oil
  • Forty grams of fresh spinach
  • One cup of frozen mixed berries
  • One banana
  • A half avocado
  • One tablespoon of raw sunflower seeds
  • One tablespoon of raw walnuts
  • One tablespoon of whole flax seed
  • One and a half tablespoon of green tea leaves
  • One tablespoon of creatine monohydrate
  • A half scoop of protein powder

The procedure is simple, mix all the above ingredients in a blender till you get a smooth combination. The benefit with this smoothie is that it does not cause cancer, heart diseases, or any other diseases.

Coconut, Maca and seeds smoothies

This smoothie is fantastic as it gives one close to a 1000 calories. The recipe includes chia seeds rich in protein, calcium, fiber, antioxidants, and nutrients oils. Flaxseeds, commonly known as omega three fatty acids are also included in this recipe. To prepare this delicious smoothie recipe, you need the following:

  • Twelve oz of raw almond milk
  • Two to three tablespoons of almond butter
  • I tablespoon of ground flaxseed
  • One tablespoon of coconut oil
  • One tablespoon of flaxseed oil
  • Two tablespoons of chia seeds
  • One tablespoon of maca powder
  • One banana
  • One tablespoon of vanilla extract
  • One tablespoon of wheatgrass powder

Blend all these substances in a blender until you get a silky smooth mixture and drink it. The wheatgrass provides a dose of crusty to the smoothie.

Iron Vegan Weight Gain Shake

It is an ideal smoothie for weight gain primarily to persons who exercise frequently and want to add more strong muscles. It contains more than seven hundred calories. It is also rich in fiber, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. It is an essential smoothie before and after exercising. You will require the following items to prepare the smoothie:

  • One cup of soy, almond, coconut milk, or hemp
  • One banana
  • Two tablespoons of peanut butter or almond
  • Three tablespoons of unsweetened coconut flakes
  • One cup of frozen or fresh fruit of choice (blueberries, peach, strawberries)
  • Two tablespoons of wheatgrass powder
  • Small piece fresh ginger
  • Water
  • A quarter cup of agave nectar

To prepare it, add water to the blender, then add all these ingredients and blend till you have a smooth smoothie.

Cannellini Beans Smoothie

It has been proven that these beans are a vibrant source of fiber and protein. They also work significantly in lowering blood sugar levels as well as improving heart health. Other benefits are that they wield cancer prevention effects, deliver calcium, protect the skin from hyper pigmentation, and add potassium and other minerals, among other nutrients. To prepare this smoothie, one will require the following ingredients:

  • Two frozen bananas
  • Two hundred grams of the fresh or frozen fruit of your choice
  • Two bunches of green kale
  • One can of cannellini beans
  • One tablespoon of chia seeds
  • Orange juice or water to obtain the appropriate consistency


Before you prepare the smoothie, first remove the liquid from the bean cans and then dry the beans. Then, mix all the components in a blender and add orange juice or water to achieve a smooth-like consistency. You can improve this flavor by adding spices such as ginger, vanilla, and cinnamon. After consuming this smoothie, you will surely add more muscles and weight to your body.


It is essential to note that the need to gain weight does not involve eating anything you come across. Calories should be consumed gradually and portioned. Also, do not overdo the explained techniques, you might gain unwanted weight in the process.